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30 Pack 4-inch Large Peat Pots Biodegradable Round | Comes with 10 plant markers

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It's Time to Start Planting!

Gardening made easy. Plant your seedlings in these pots, which can be placed directly into the ground. The pot will degrade and roots will grow into the soil. No plastics to recycle, and no harmful chemicals leech into the ground with our spruce fiber pots.

These 4 inch pots are perfect for starting vegetables like tomatoes or starting tree seedlings. Organic, nutrient-rich peat naturally integrates with the root ball of the plant and promotes aeration, preventing root circulation and transplant shock. Start vegetables, trees and herbs early, and watch your garden flourish!

Our peat pots for seeds, starters, and saplings are made with 100% natural and biodegradable materials and are OMRI-certified for organic growing.

Whether you're an urban gardener excited to start your own windowsill herb garden, a busy mom looking to grow your food at home while teaching your kids how to garden, a pro-gardener who just can't wait to get this year's crop ready to go, or anyone in between, these pots are what you need to get planting. Join thousands of plant, veggie, and tree-lovers around the world and help us make the world a little greener, one plant at a time.